The Big Q: Who is hiring in the Australian tech market in 2021?Posted about 3 years ago by Client Server

Q : I’m a software engineer from Melbourne who’s thinking about applying for a new role. What kind of tech companies are hiring right now in Australia?

Client Server Australia’s Rupert Turner:

A : Australia has come out of the whole COVID situation in quite a strong fashion and the job market itself is very, very busy. There are a lot of jobs out there and a lot of companies looking to hire, but there’s also a low number of candidates. What this means is if you’re looking for a job, it’s a very, very good time to be looking.

Australia’s tech market has traditionally relied a lot on imported talent. With borders remaining closed, excluding the trans-Tasman bubble, there aren’t as many international students coming in, and that’s a huge part of the market here in Australia. That means there’s also a real lack of junior engineers out there.

But in terms of the type of companies l ooking to hire – it’s everyone. We’re in a very fortunate position at the moment that everyone from software houses to large banks are looking for tech talent.

From what we’ve seen, companies are looking to hire a lot of developers with a few years’ experience under their belt, those who are looking for maybe their second or third job. That’s the real sweet spot in the market right now. But we have a range of roles from entry-level through to senior architects and engineering managers.

If you’re in Australia and you’re looking to change roles, speak to us today . And you can hear Rupert’s full insights on the Australian tech market in the latest Talking Tech webinar, which you can watch on-demand here.