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Interview Tips

This is the critical stage of the application process. The resume's been prepped (if not, find resume writing advice here), you've started to get it out to the market, and then the interview request comes in! Don't get too excited yet; to ensure you get your dream position you will need to prepare yourself thoroughly for anything your potential employer may throw at you.

How To Prepare Before An Interview

  • Research the company. Think about how the company operates and its values, and what qualities they may be looking for in an employee.
  • Check the date, time and venue of the interview. Also check the name and title of the interviewer; both polite and an easy way to make a good impression!
  • You might like to bring a pen and paper for notes, but this is optional. If you decide to bring some along, remember to ask your interviewer if note taking is allowed.
  • Think of 5 questions that would like to ask the interviewer over the course of the interview. This will show your engagement with the role, and to show you care and actually want the job. These may include questions on company structure, opportunities for progression, technology questions, etc.
  • Make sure you look smart. Either ask your recruitment consultant for tips on appropriate dress code for specific clients, or use your judgement to gauge based on company style, images etc. For example, for clients requiring a suit you should wear a dark-coloured suit with a conservative tie, dark shoes and dark socks. First impressions matter, and the company wants to know you will feel comfortable in their culture.
  • Go through your CV, and make sure you know it back-to-front; employers may ask you about any area of your supporting documents.
  • Make sure you're well rested, and remember to eat and drink beforehand. You want to feel comfortable and to minimise distractions.

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