Client Server Story: Ashleigh Frinsdorf on her time with Client Server AustraliaPosted 6 months ago by Kristina Gerdov

With Client Server Australia’s ambitious plans to grow in 2022, we took the opportunity to have a chat with one of our newest recruits, Ashleigh Frinsdorf  about her experience with the company thus far:

What have you enjoyed about your time with us so far?

Ashleigh : So far, I have enjoyed a number of things with Client Server but in particular I have gained a lot more knowledge about technology and also the tech industry by being able to look after different roles with our clients and also interviewing candidates for different positions who hold different skills and have different backgrounds.
I also enjoy that we work as a team. Yes, we have individual targets and goals. Still, when a placement happens, or an interview is locked in, we are all able to share this achievement and are always updated with our sales and targets for the months and quarters. I really enjoy working with a supportive team that celebrates wins and accomplishments.

What have you enjoyed about tech recruitment so far?

Ashleigh : For someone who doesn’t have extensive knowledge of tech, I have enjoyed learning more about the market and the industry. I feel as though I have gained a lot more knowledge about companies that I hadn’t heard about before and also more about the candidates' needs and wants within a tech role.

What have you learnt about recruitment that you weren’t expecting?

Ashleigh : I think you learn more things as you go, and I guess something I knew was going to take time was the interview process with candidates within this industry. Being a consultant with Client Server I have learnt that when it comes to interviewing a candidate the more questions you ask, the more you know and find out about them and determine if you have a matching role or are suitable for one down the track. And that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to interview a candidate as it actually benefits you as the consultant and also the client because you understand exactly what they are looking for in terms of their next role and it also builds stronger relationships with the clients because you can determine if they are the right fit for them but also precisely what they are wanting to achieve in their next career.

What have been the most difficult challenges and how have you overcome them?

Ashleigh : The most difficult challenges would have to be how quickly the candidate market changes and particular roles. Especially when you have a lot of other companies/recruitment agencies looking for a candidate with the same calibre as you, you learn that timing is everything and how important it is to build the relationship between consultant and candidate. My challenge would be If they have interviews for the same role with a lot of other companies so you are trying to work out how your role, company and you as a consultant differs from their other opportunities at the same time. I believe I have overcome this by constantly following up with a candidate, this is normally a check-in phone call or email, and finding out what other interviews they have/which stages they are at. It is important to know this, so we can be super transparent with our clients also.

What are you excited about next?

Ashleigh : I’m excited to continue learning more about the Tech Industry and more about different roles I haven’t recruited for yet. I am also excited to be growing my network with candidates and would love to gain referrals from them long term.

At Client Server Australia it is an optimal time to join the business as we are on a steep growth trajectory from both a sales and team perspective, we are a collaborative, tight and agile team with opportunities to move into a specialised space. It is the perfect recipe for a successful career for a new or seasoned recruitment consultant.

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