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My Client Server Story: Kristina Gerdov

Posted on 8/03/2021
by Kristina Gerdov


I’m sure many of the amazing stories you’ve read on our blog finish off with how they landed at Client Server and how long their tenure has been – which is nothing short of impressive. But I’ll start right here and reveal that I’m only 3 weeks into my journey with Client Server Australia and the way in which everyone has described it, I’m pleased to tell you they are true to their word.

This company and the people in it are awesome! I’ve never come across a team who work so intimately together and ooze positive encouragement, understanding and the desire to see you succeed. My first interview with Associate Director David Leadbitter was my most memorable by far! I came in for an initial chat and we sat and spoke for almost two hours — it just clicked. While my partner works in recruitment, I never thought to step into the industry myself, especially tech (he likes to say I always had it in me, so I’ll give him this win for now).

I studied a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Public Relations. In order to finish my studies and get my degree, I had to complete an internship – this is where I quickly realised PR was not for me. Like most graduates, I really had no idea what to do, so I thought “OK, my sub major was marketing” let’s pull that safety net and run with it.

I’ve worked across a number of different industries, from automotive, to retail, to real estate. I’ve learnt that I’m quite lucky to have varied experience each of which had their respective pros and cons.

My first professional role was in the very male-dominated automotive industry, where I worked my way up through the business learning all the different aspects of automotivem, besides selling the cars themselves. From a call centre-based role, to customer service/receptionist, to delivery coordinator/stock manager/auditing to even an EA/Office manager and marketing executive role. My passion for marketing started there.

I was based in an internal role meaning we had head office to answer to, which also meant there was a whole other side to marketing yet to explore. This led me to my next venture in a retail industry and being on a marketing team of 6 women at head office level – talk about complete opposite. This position taught me so much about research, strategy, communication, execution even global expansion and I strongly believe this is where I learnt particular skills that I now carry with me every day – cue first baby!

I’ll be honest here, I read almost every “My Client Server Story” before writing my own and the biggest thing I took from all of them is whilst there are many challenges (pandemic or not) that come with Technology Recruitment or Recruitment in general, the fact that the vast majority of employees have an impressive long tenure with Client Server is a huge testament to the company itself and has firmly reassured me in that I’ve made the right decision joining the team here in Australia.

The funny thing is I’m a huge fan of the UK have visited many, many times (and it’s killing me that I can’t go back for another visit to Burger & Lobster right now). My partner and I were ready to take the leap and do what Aussie’s do, move to the UK for two years of work, fun and travel then head back home, however plans came to a screeching halt when we learnt we were to be blessed with a daughter.

In the spirit of it being #InternationalWomensDay, I am a full-time working mum, which definitely has its challenges. The 'mum guilt' can sometimes get very real, but it’s the most rewarding job being able to provide for my family’s future, raise our daughter and make a successful career at Client Server. I’m not the first or the last full time working mum, so hats off to all of us.

I’m beyond lucky and grateful that I’ve landed somewhere that encourage women in both tech & recruitment, support working mums and ultimately want to boost an individual’s personal and career growth!