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Java Development

Java Developer

A Java Developer is primarily responsible for developing complex, web-based applications using Java. From developing technical designs to software analysis, testing and debugging, a proficient Java Developers skill set is diverse, effective and powerful.

The founding father of Java, James Gosling, released Java as a core component of Sun Microsystems’ back in 1995 – which has since been acquired by Oracle. Currently, the latest version of Java is Java 11, supported by Java 8.

As Greater London’s tech ecosystem continues to grow, the demand for Java Developers has increased. Java Developers’ expertise and ability to collaborate with web developers and software engineers make them particularly sought after. Salary for a Java Developer varies, reliant on a number of independent factors such as experience, the role itself, and location, with Java Developer roles in London tending to offer more.

Client Server recruits for a spectrum of Java jobs in Australia and beyond, from a Graduate Java Programmer treading on the first rung of the career ladder, to a Principle Java Architect who works with industry innovators, we can find the right Java role for you.

Java Developer Job Titles

Job titles for a Java Developer vary greatly; Java Engineer, Java Programmer, Java Consultant, Java Architect, Java Software Engineer, Java Web Developer, JavaX but all essentially fall under the same bracket of Java Development


Sydney, Australia. The capital city of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia and Oceania. Sydney is an ever-sunny, vibrant city known for its iconic Opera House, harbour, beaches and exciting food, entertainment and arts scene.

If the weather wasn’t enough of a pull factor, Sydney has so much to offer. Whether you’re an avid foodie, a nature lover or enjoy culture and nightlife, Sydney is an incredibly versatile city with something for all.

As of 2020, the most 'in-demand’ job in Australia was Software Developer, followed by an IT business and systems analyst. Information, technology and science technology jobs are in a surplus across Sydney and New South Wales, and salaries for tech jobs in Sydney are high.

Australia’s largest capital city is also home to the biggest technology hub in the country. Coined ‘Australia Tech Central’, the tech hub has received a $48.2 million investment from the New South Wales government, with hopes to attract industry-leading tech innovators and entrepreneurs to set up shop at the tech hub.

As Australia continues to recover from the pandemic, Australia Tech Central will be more important than ever in leveraging Sydney to becoming one of the world’s leading technology cities. Co-CEO Scott Farquhar explained the motivation behind creating the hub was attracting talent, creating jobs, ideas and innovation, wanting to create a technology precinct that was home to thousands of workers with the best new ideas. The hub will hope to support niche tech markets and wants to aim for 14% more than that of Silicon Valley.

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