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DevOps is a buzzword that means a lot of different things to different people, which can be a challenge when looking for a DevOps role. DevOps has grown out of Agile Software Development; the term DevOps doesn’t refer to a single position, but an approach or set of practices that aim to shorten the systems development lifecycle and provide continuous delivery with high-quality software.

DevOps also isn’t simply a convergence between Development and Operations, it aims at tightly integrating IT operations and businesses and so the best DevOps Engineers will have an impressive, extensive skill set.

DevOps isn’t a new concept but is constantly evolving. As new DevOps methodologies and principles continue to emerge, so does the DevOps job market in the UK.

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A DevOps Engineer is an IT professional who collaborates with software developers, system operators and IT teams to manage code releases, crossing and merging the technical barriers that exist between software development, testing and operations. From project planning to development, deployment to maintenance and troubleshooting, a DevOps Engineer must have superb technical capabilities and first-rate communication skills, able to work with cross-disciplinary teams to implement desired strategies.

Typical requirements of a DevOps Engineer depend on a number of variables including experience, the industry and the role itself. Generally, a DevOps Engineer will need experience in networking/network security, knowledge of a Cloud platform (like AWS, Azure or GCP). They would usually need good knowledge in scripting languages, system administration, configuration management and cloud deployment tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform etc.)

A DevOps Engineer would sometimes need to be proficient in scripting git and git workflows and experienced in working with Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment methodologies (CI/CD). Finally, a good DevOps Engineer would have knowledge of release engineering, creating tools for engineering organisation and performance optimisation.

Ultimately, a DevOps Engineer must be analytically-minded, agile problem-solver, able to quickly adapt to a fast-paced, constantly evolving development environment.

DevOps is expansive and has a place in a huge range of industries. Therefore, the demand for DevOps Engineers of all kinds is increasing. Client Server can help to find the right DevOps role for you.

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